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Mr & Mrs Duddy - PV System, Milton Keynes

Mr Duddy- "Choosing solar panels can be a totally bewildering task, with everyone suggesting their solution is the very best. Carl, at Green & Co. is very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, and helped us to choose the best solution for us. His prices are very competitive and the installation was speedily and professionally completed. We have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Mrs Duddy-"I really liked Carl from the beginning and chose him to install the Sanyo panels because he had them on his roof and I liked the pattern on them!!! Martin had to have 5 quotes in all and take at least 3 weeks to decide on the right panels for us. We ended up with Carl installing the Sanyo panels."

Mr Gibson - PV system and Air Source heat pump - Braunston, Northants

This customer had a south-facing front roof with enough space to fit a 2.88kWp PV system

We installed 12 x 240w Phono Solar panels with a SB2500 inverter to maximize the output from the array. The property was being completely renovated and the only available space for the inverter was in a spare bedroom. It was covered with a well ventilated cupboard and poses no noise issues to the occupant.

Mr & Mrs Barrett - Rushden, Northants. PV System

Mr Barrett required a large system comprising of 14 x 245w TG Solar panels giving 3.43kWp output.

The rear, south-east facing roof will return @ 2400kW hours yearly netting a substantial income on their investment and making the payback for the complete installation a very reasonable 9.8 years.

Dr Sue Lyle - Swansea, PV System

An 8  x 240w Phono Solar panel, 1.92kWp system was fitted to the rear roof. We had to position the panels around an existing roof window and the resulting array maximized the area available.

Predominantly interested in reducing their personal carbon footprint, the Lyle's were pleasantly surprised with the additional income their system generates via the feed in tariffs.

The Samaritans (Newbury). Air Source Heat Pump

“After researching a number of potential suppliers we decided to work with Green & Co to install a complete ASHP heating system in our Newbury Centre. Carl and his team worked closely with us to specify our requirements, contributing helpful suggestions and addressing various concerns raised by the Management Committee along the way. They worked around our own operational needs at the time of installation, even working on through the night to ensure that we minimised the amount of downtime. Since the system was commissioned Carl has always been available and willing to help us in “tweaking” things to ensure that we are getting the best out of the system . . and keeping our 80 plus volunteers warm. Which it has done, despite our first winter being one of the coldest on record. We are very pleased with our ASHP system and with the professional and diligent way in which Green & Co specified, installed, commissioned and supported it.” Jerry Dixon, Chairman, Newbury and West Berkshire Samaritans.

Mr J Williams Thermodynamic Solar System

A 200 Ltr single panel system was fitted to a commercial premises to supply the hot water demands. Installation only took one day and the customer is now enjoting savings of up to 80% of his energy bill.

J Williams - "This system is doing exactly what Carl said it would do! I am more than happy with it and would thoroughly recommend Green & Co"

Mr Christopher Moore - Little Brington. PV System

Thank you so much for a very professional job especially given the rather difficult weather and the steep roof. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone and have to say how refreshing it is to work with someone who does what they say they will and at the time they say it will happen. Its all up and running and happily generating. Attached are some photos for your album. regards Chris

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