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Solar PV Panels

Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline?

The most popular types of solar PV panels (or modules as they are often called) come in two main types, Monocrystalline (Mono) or Polycrystalline (Poly).

Monocrystalline panels are slightly more efficient than Polycrystalline ones and therefore tend to be more expensive.

We recommend whichever panel is best suited to the job.

Phonosolar Mono ModulePoly ModulePolycrystalline panels are generally stronger than Mono ones, so where a system demands a tougher panel, perhaps where there is a real danger of falling objects damaging a panel, we would use these over a Mono one.

PV Panels are measured by their watt output and have a range all the way up to 400 watts per panel and beyond.

Not all panels are created equally! Be wary of cheap imports.

Not only can the output of these cheap imports decrease very rapidly, leaving you with an inefficient system, you also want to know that your supplier is going to be around in 25 years to honour the performance guarantees.

Being a completely independent company, we can install any make or model of PV panel, however, we all have our favourites! ours happens to be Winaico, Trina Solar, Sanyo, Amerisolar, Azur Solar and UE Solar.

In all cases, we always look at the customers requirements and build a system around their needs.

As well as being green, there are significant financial incentives for installing a PV system. You can still get paid 13.88p for every unit of electricity you produce!

Protect your self against future fuel price increases!

Frames & Mounting


We use a variety of mounting soultions. Hilti and Renusol, K2 and Rexel. In addition, we are able to offer many other premier PV mounting system. Over the years, we've worked with our customers and these manufacturers, to perfect the very best module mounting systems. There are several methods for mounting photovoltaic modules.

In grid-tie applications modules are usually fixed to a roof or ground mount.

Fixed mounting systems are mounted on a roof, on the ground or on a pole top. Roof mounts work well for most residential PV systems.

Roof Mounts can often be adjusted for the proper north/south angle.

Top of pole or ground mounts work best if mounting on the building is not possible.

Tracking Racks can increase the output of the array from 10% in winter months to 30% in the summer. There are active and passive tracking racks. Passive racks have no electronics doing the work, so there is less opportunity for failure, and active racks optimize power collection.



Inverter efficiency is critical to any PV system. Without a reliable, efficient and robust inverter, you might just as well throw your money away.

SMA are one of the largest and most reputable inverter manufacturers in Europe.

We also fit Enecsys inverters to multi inverter systems.

Other manufacturers we like (because of reliability and efficiency) are Power One, Samil, Fronius, Mastervolt and Fronius.

Most Inverters come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, some now even have a 10 year!, however, these can be extended for up to 25 years.

Click the models to download the data sheets:-

SMA Inverters (this is a large file 15MB)

Fronius Inverters

Mastervolt Inverters

Enecsys Micro Inverters

These are just a few of the many inverters available in the market. Whilst we can supply and fit anyones, we prefer those listed above.

This is a small selection of the systems we install. Call us for more information or a solution for your project. 01933 770089